Our Story

Grandma Reno & Us

It all started with a memory (and a tiny little seed packet)…

July 11th is a day we will forever have ingrained in our memories. On this day in 2015, while the world turned around us, we mourned the loss of our grandma, Gloria (aka our Grandma Reno). At 89 years old, her strength and resilience led us to the false belief that she would outlast us all, but it’s that same strength and resilience that has shone through us to keep her memory alive today.

Our grandma didn’t just have a green thumb, she had a green thumb and a heart of gold. Growing the most beautiful flowers and the tastiest fruit was what gave her life, and she gave them, as gifts. It was this memory that prompted us, upon her passing, to celebrate this joy she brought to all of her family and friends, by creating a seed packet to be shared with them at her services.

Months after our grandma’s services, we posted these tiny little seed packets to our Etsy shop online and were genuinely humbled by the outpouring of compliments and requests. With a spark in our eyes and our grandma’s memory in our hearts, we 3 sisters, decided to partner to take these tiny seed packets to the next level and share them, and our grandma’s memory, with the world!

We truly hope you enjoy our products and thank you so much for taking the time to read our story =)

<3 Laurie, Christy & Jamie

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