Sunflower Themed Memorial Ideas

Choosing a theme for a memorial is understandably tough, but we can look at it as an opportunity to share a part of your loved one’s personality and what they loved about life.  A very popular choice is a sunflower theme.  Many people love sunflowers so it’s a great choice in that sense, but it also can represent a lot of beautiful things such as sunshine, positivity, happiness, and vibrancy.


Here are some ideas on how to incorporate the sunflower theme into your loved ones memorial service:



Memorial Sunflower Cascade

If you’re looking for a way to decorate your loved one’s casket or a table, the wall, or other area where your memorial service is held, a floral cascade like this one is perfect.


Sunflower Themed Memorial Announcement Cards

These announcement cards are sunflower themed for a memorial service and beautifully done.  If you want the theme to be more positive to really showcase your loved ones personality, sunflowers really are the perfect option.


Sunflower Themed Memorial Photo Collage

This sunflower themed photo collage sign is a beautiful way of showcasing your loved ones favorite moments.  It’s a great way to let others reminisce and remember your loved one how they would want to be remembered!


Sunflower seed packets are a way to give your loved ones friends and family something to keep, grow and nurture to remember them. Seed packet favors really are a beautiful way to commemorate the wonderful life your loved one had, and the impact they will continue to make in your lives even as time passes.

You can shop our sunflower seed packets on our website or on Etsy.


Sunflower Themed Memorial Ideas

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