The Significance of Butterflies After A Loved One Passes Away

Beautiful Orange Monarch Butterfly On Plant Outdoors

After our grandma Gloria passed away, I remember seeing so many butterflies; butterflies all around us, all the time. More butterflies than I had ever seen before. And I would hear people say that it was her, our grandmother, coming to say hello. I always wondered what this meant and why the butterfly was such a significant sign of the passing of a loved one.

Why butterflies are a sign of a loved one’s passing

As it turns out, in many cultures, butterflies are seen as a symbol of transformation, new beginnings, and the rebirth of the soul. The reason is due to the butterfly’s own metamorphosis from a caterpillar who crawls on the ground, to a beautiful butterfly that flies in the sky. In these cultures, this is viewed much like the transformation that our own spirits are believed to take on after death.

Because of this, many people believe that when a loved one passes away, seeing a butterfly can be a sign that our loved one’s spirit is still with us and watching over us. They believe it is our loved ones way of communicating with us after death. There are so many reports of these types of connections that it is astounding!

Butterfly sightings after a loved one passes away

Much like my own experience with so many butterfly sightings after my grandma’s passing, so many others share their experiences with butterfly sightings after their loved ones have passed away as well. This can be anything from seeing a butterfly fluttering around nearby, to butterflies landing on or near you & sticking around for a while.

Whatever the experience, the beauty of this extraordinary creature and its symbolic belief can often bring comfort to those grieving. Knowing that your loved one is near can bring a sense of peace during difficult times. These butterfly sightings after death can also relay a message of love and remind us of the life there is after death.

Creating a memorial butterfly garden to remember your loved ones

Seeing butterflies after my grandma died brought me so much comfort and joy. My family began to plant milkweed seed all over to encourage more butterflies around us. Milkweed provides the specific dietary requirements for Monarch butterflies, therefore it is a required host plant for these beautiful creatures. It provides the right nectar and habitat needed for them to stay and lay their eggs, thereby producing caterpillars that feed and grow on the plant until they are ready to make their transformation into one of these beautiful butterflies themselves!

We encourage you to check out our Personalized Memorial Butterfly Milkweed Seed Packets and begin planting a butterfly garden of your own with your family to remember your loved ones who have passed. Not only will the plant bring you joy as you begin to watch it grow and take life, but as butterflies begin to come around, you will also be comforted by their beautiful spirits, knowing that your loved ones are with you.

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Have you had a butterfly sighting recently? Were you comforted by its presence? Share with us your experience in the comments! We’d love to hear about it!