How to Plan the Perfect Memorial

Forget me not memorial flower seed packets in tin can by Gloria's Garden

Planning the perfect memorial

When a loved one passes away, grief can often be crippling.  Planning a beautiful memorial service though, can help a grieving individual find a sense of closure.  It can also offer them an opportunity to say their final goodbyes in a way that is truly reflective of the individual they are honoring. In addition, the planning process itself can also be a cathartic experience in many ways as well. So how do you plan the perfect memorial?

Honor your loved one’s wishes and memories

Planning the perfect memorial starts with honoring any special wishes of the deceased.  If those wishes were not made or available, or simply to elaborate, you can think of all of the things that were special or meaningful to that person.  You can also think of all of the things that are reminiscent of that person as well. Taking the time to reflect on these things can be a huge help in the overall memorial planning process.  From finding the perfect location, down to choosing the perfect mementos, planning the perfect memorial requires some true reflection.

Get the help you need

In the days following a loved one’s passing though, it can be a lot to take on for any individual.  Hiring a funeral director or funeral coordinator can be of great assistance in helping to choose & coordinate all of the main details, like crafting the perfect style of memorial, choosing the perfect memorial location, the perfect venue, finalizing the date, and arranging all of the other formal details in between.  This can also include creating a detailed schedule & timeline, coordinating with vendors, and communicating with all of the attendees as well.  While participating in the planning process can help many individuals in the grieving process, getting too overwhelmed, anxious or stressed out before a loved one’s memorial, is never the goal.

Make it memorable

Lastly, make it memorable & make it fun or heartwarming.  Incorporating personal touches such as photos or meaningful music can help create a special and memorable event, but when we talk about “the perfect memorial,” we like to take things one step further to truly commemorate the life of the loved one you are celebrating.

Memorial Forget Me Not Seed Packet by Gloria's Garden
Forget me not memorial seed packets in tin bucket from Gloria's Garden

Here are a few ways you can create a uniquely memorable memorial experience:

  • Have a signature drink or special treat that is reflective of the individual
  • Make it all about the memories with a memory tree or memory jar
  • Embrace their favorite sports teams or colleges by having guests wear their team colors
  • Honor their favorite pastimes like gardening or sipping tea with a sweet memento like our memorial seed or tea packets
  • Indulge in their favorites by handing out a special candy or a journal & pen for writing
  • Make guests comfortable by providing memorable tissue packets like ours here
  • Tell their story digitally & link a QR code for guests to enjoy & comment on
  • Share their favorite or most memorable songs via a QR code to a digital playlist
  • Or share a digital photo album with a QR code & have guests add their favorite photos of the person too

You have options

When our grandmother passed away 8 years ago, creating the perfect and entirely unique & memorable memorial service was exactly what we wanted to do.  Unfortunately there weren’t many options then, and so to honor our beautiful green-thumb grandmother, that is how we came up with our original Forget-Me-Not memorial seed packets. To this day, they are still talked about & are still our top seller! So you definitely have options!

We can help

Let us know how can we help you create the perfect memorial for your loved one!  Check out our Gloria’s Garden shop page or message us today!  We look forward to helping you make those perfect memories last, a few ounces at a time!