7 Ideas for Planning a Memorable Memorial During the Covid-19 Pandemic

The Covid-19 Pandemic has affected nearly every aspect of our normal every day lives, most notably though, are those very special moments in life that are generally meant to be shared, like weddings & baby showers.  Another one of those special moments that has been deeply affected by this Coronavirus Pandemic, are those end-of-life rituals that we treasure, as a way to mourn and celebrate the lives of our loved ones.

With limitations in place for funeral services, memorial services & life celebration events, it’s easy to feel at even more of a loss, when these normal rituals are not allowed to be celebrated, but it doesn’t have to be that way!  In many ways, the most meaningful part of these types of events, is simply about people just being there.  Sharing, caring, and celebrating your loved one’s life with you.  And there’s no reason that still can’t happen!

Here are 7 ideas and tips for planning and creating a socially distanced virtual memorial service:

  1. Make it Known

Share a digital card or send a physical card in the mail regarding the passing of your loved one with a photo & any information for any memorial events, or even where to send gifts.

  1. Make it Accessible

We know Covid has made it hard to host any type of large or formal event, but that doesn’t mean that friends & family can’t be a part of it.  Consider hosting the memorial service via digital platforms like ZOOM, or via Facebook LIVE.

  1. Make it Social

On digital platforms like ZOOM, hosts can allow attendees to talk & share.  This would be a great opportunity to allow those close to your loved one to share some memories or even just some kind words.

  1. Make it Shareable

On platforms like Facebook, you can create a group & allow guests to share photos, or, simply have guests email you photos in advance and you can share them yourself to the group page.

  1. Make it Unique

Your loved one was a unique individual, and their memorial service, albeit stunted by this pandemic, shouldn’t be any different.  Have a theme & request everyone join you (even from a distance) or create a photo slideshow you can share digitally via a private YouTube link, or during the ZOOM memorial.

  1. Make it Personalized

Just because the Coronavirus has put distance between us, doesn’t mean you can’t send a personalized touch.  Check out our personalized seeds packets, tea packets & sympathy acknowledgement cards.  These are a great way for sharing a special personalized touch with friends & family from a distance.

  1. Make it Unforgettable

Don’t let the distance make your loved one’s memorial any less memorable.  Have someone record the services, or record the ZOOM call, or even create a video montage of all of it as a special keepsake that will be as unforgettable as the loved one you are celebrating!

We hope these tips and ideas for planning a special life celebration during a pandemic help & we send you all the love during this time!

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