7 Ways to Celebrate a Loved One’s Birthday After They Have Passed

Bringing up the birthday cake

How do we continue to celebrate a loved one’s birthday despite their physical absence? Will we honor them in private? Invite others to share in their remembrance? As the day approaches, it can be difficult to look past the loss.  

There is no wrong way to celebrate a loved one who has passed. However, there are various ways we can keep their memory alive. While grief can feel especially heavy as their birthday approaches, it can help to find a moment to reflect on how our loved ones would want us to remember them.  

Birthdays are often a celebration filled with food, gifts, and fellowship. Exploring how to acknowledge them after a loved one has passed can be a process. Here are a few ways to help find hope in their honor: 

1. Celebrate How They Would

Go on a nature walk, cook a meal in their memory, have a movie night, or volunteer in service to others. Rediscover a favorite thing of theirs while making it your own. 

2. Donate in Their Memory

Making a contribution can provide a sense of comfort as grieving families cope. Was there an organization they felt strongly about? A charity they passionately supported? A memorial gift donation can continue their legacy and commitment to a special cause.   

3. Take the Day off or Take a Trip

Sometimes it helps to go far to feel close. Whether alone or in chosen company, increasing the distance from the daily can help create space for hearts that are healing.    

4. Write a Letter

Share a life update, a milestone you met, a moment that made you smile, even a decision or question that has been on your mind. Meeting pen to paper in private can bring out the words we wish to speak or never knew we needed to. 

5. Plant a Seed

Create a living reminder by planting something special. These one-of-a-kind seed packets from Gloria’s Garden, can help celebrate your loved one with a sentiment that will endure. Personalized flower seed packets include your loved ones name, birthdate, date of passing, and are available in a variety of patterns, colors, and layouts. 

6. Plan a Visit 

Whether your place of memorial is a traditional gravesite, overlooking the city, or taking solace by the sea, a steady scene can offer peace as you celebrate in the serene.     

7. Light a Candle at Home 

The glowing warmth of a candle can be a perfect way to subtly celebrate the impression our loved ones left on our lives. Placing an heirloom, handwritten note, or a photo beside the candle can help us remember their light.

Birthdays bind – commemorating them as they come around can help us and those around us heal and move forward. While the absence of a loved one may feel magnified as their birthday nears, we can find comfort in a continued connection.  Check out our blog for more ideas to celebrate in remembrance of a loved one.